A FFBR Mascot Update

My apologies for being so absent the last few weeks. There are many reasons for this: for one, my computer keeps crashing and giving me the blue screen of death. Secondly, I’ve been uber busy–bachelorette parties, birthdays, weddings, etc. Most importantly, I had to take advantage of Gemini season and all that entails.

But now it’s Cancer season (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY, KHLOE KARDASHIAN!!) and I’m back! Also back: our mascot.

She’s staying with my parents for the month of June and when she’s not busy dressing up in fancy dresses, using my makeup (and trying to put it on my dog as well), or watching Nick Jr., she’s busy saying gems like the following:

1. “I saw on the computer that you went to a concert with a bunch of very old men.” — re: my NKOTBSB concert

2. “Do you know who sings the alien song with Katy Perry?” Me: “You mean Kanye West?” “Yes, I love him, he is just so cool” (OMG. My proudest moment.)

3. “We can’t eat at Old McDonald’s, the food has lots of bad fat!” — exactly one week after begging me to take her to McDonald’s. Apparently they had a lesson on the food pyramid at preschool.

4. “NO Mimi, I’m going to go get my nails done.” — When faced with the choice of going to the grocery store with my Mom or getting her nails done with me (which I did not actually pull myself together enough to do post-rehearsal dinner), Ava obviously knew which way to go. I owe her a manicure in the future.

5. “I’m going to wear these shoes to prom. But only if that mean guy Jesse doesn’t come.” — in a shoe store in Union Station. She watches a lot of Glee.

Obviously my influence is strong. I eagerly await my move to New York next month, at which time I’m sure we’ll spend many more Saturdays together watching High School Musical on instant Netflix. I’ll keep you updated.

–The Gemini


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