FFBR Recommends: Geordie Shore

Last month, I watched a lot of Jersey Shore with the Leo and the Other Libra. You might think this is a “waste of time” or “killing of brain cells” but it’s actually research. We’re all going to Seaside Heights this weekend, and sometimes you need a reminder of why it actually might not be great to end up camera. Do you really want to be that girl whose fake boob falls out of her bathing suit in the hot tub? No. Our goal is to be limited to fist pumping in the background behind Pauly D at Bamboo.

Anyway! There’s really only so much Jersey Shore you can watch without going a little crazy. I needed a change. Luckily, MTV was there for me once again.

It’s basically Jersey Shore set in Newcastle, England and Oh. My. God. This show is AMAZING. Just when you thought there couldn’t be any trashier people in the world than our favorite Shore Store employees, these kids pop up. Seriously, Holly makes Snooki look like Kate Middleton.

I don’t know if it was the weird accents, the new slang (“pulling some birds”), or the fact that I haven’t watched much TV recently, but I literally couldn’t stop watching (except when Megavideo cut me off for watching too much, rude). I can’t even really put into words how trashy (and great) it is. It’s something you need to watch and experience for yourself.

I now feel sufficiently prepared for my trip to Jersey. I’ll report back next week and let you know if you should be prepared to see me on TV. Everyone please say a prayer that I don’t catch an STD just from breathing in the air at Karma!

Tap Tap,
The Gemini


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