In Defense of Netflix (Sorta)

While you’d think the Gemini and I would be up in arms about the spike to the Netflix bill occurring in September, we’re not. It could be because the Gemini only uses Netflix for streaming. It could be because I have already come to expect all corporations and institutions to eventually screw me over. I’m pretty sure the Mayans predicted this, but I guess they thought Netflix would raise its prices in December 2012.

The point is we could all make a lot of arguments against such a drastic spike, but ultimately, we have a pretty sweet deal with Netflix. I guess I’m not surprised they raised their prices, given the cheap service they’re providing. The Gemini, ever the optimist, said, “Maybe they can make more deals with studios and finally get The O.C. streaming.”

Come on, Netflix. Scratch all our backs. We will scratch yours.

I don’t know why the drastic increase; most people in the United States are okay with inflation choking them out like kudzu as long as it’s done slowly. (PS, do you guys remember buying 50 cent sodas from vending machines and drinking them at the pool? Well, guess what? They’re at least 1.00 now, full of high fructose corn syrup, and you didn’t get in shape in time for bikini season. Life sucks! Sucks to be you, grown-ups!) So, maybe Netflix should have said, “Two dollars more, and now with the OC!” But they didn’t. So put your bikini on and cry in the mirror and wait for the internet to comfort you. I hear Google + will take care of you something tender.

If it pisses you off enough, just stop with Netflix altogether. But don’t forget to get pissed about the following things: gas prices and how we go about obtaining oil, the fact that organic and local foods are mostly inaccessible to lower income communities, and the fact that many of you reading this probably have student loan debt that’s ridiculously high in a country that expects everyone to be educated for jobs that aren’t even available. So, Netflix is being a corporation? Okay, yeah, but what about the other shit we might actually have a say in? LOLOLOLOL, just kidding, you don’t have a say, right?

The Libra


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11 Responses to In Defense of Netflix (Sorta)

  1. Melissa says:

    It’s true. I wanted to hear “2 dollars more, AND with the OC!”…sadface. Or I wanted to hear, “oh, you want DVDs because you like to watch things on streaming AND things that we don’t have available for streaming? Well you don’t have to pay the full price for both services!” But that didn’t happen.

    Fact of the matter is that while I liked my old price, I love netflix enough to keep with it anyway 🙂

    • Yeah, I can’t say that while being as broke as I am that I got inordinately excited about a huge spike in what I’m paying, but to be fair, I was suspicious of their low prices from the minute I joined. OH NETFLIX, YOU GOT ME!

      –The Libra

  2. Ann Knox says:

    The Gemini…an optimist?

  3. MyMeanFriend says:

    Yes, yes, sister at arms!! Let the rage spill forth! I have started a twitter debacle with some cyclists because of their fascist traffic management pretensions and hatred of children. Productive day, tally ho!

  4. RMJ says:

    I am also confused about why they hiked the price so much, so soon. It is also kind of a poor decision because now on the rare occasion because right now I’m paying an extra $2 a month and rarely getting DVDs. But now, I will pay less and patronize Redboxes and Blockbuster kiosks whenever I need a DVD, diverting funds from Netflix.

    While I’m very slightly irritated – I want to continue watching Eastbound and Down, damnit – I am not really mad. Netflix meets all of my television needs for $8 a month, and to me that is still a RIDIC deal.

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