Life Updates From the Gemini

Guys, my computer is broken. Do you know how hard it is to exist with the internet on your phone when you gave up your iPhone 6 months ago? Especially when you’re winding down the last days at your job so you actually have to do work and can’t just spend the day gchatting and frolicking around the internet? Ugh. These guys get it. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to this summer.

1. I went to Seaside Heights and did not get a communicable disease.

This is a big accomplishment, especially since I came in such close contact with the Situation.

I did, however, get an MVP tank top from the Shore Store that I wear as often as possible (inside my apartment where no one can see me) that will probably become my uniform when I start recapping Jersey Shore episodes this season.

2. I watched a lot of Ice Loves Coco.

If there’s anyone who can knock Khloe and LamLam off my pedestal for #1 Example of True Love, it’s these two. Have you ever seen such soulmates? I am not the only one who feels this way!

3. I (along with some special friends) was the inspiration for Katy Perry’s latest hit

Although we preferred to call our version “Last Tuesday Night” and it sadly lacked a Kenny G cameo. But there’s still time to fix that!

That’s basically it! It was way too hot to do anything else. I am not meant for temperatures above 80.



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