The FFBR Mascot Becomes a Photographer

The other day the Gemini’s mother and brother arrived to oversee the movers who came with some of the Gemini’s precious things like her DVD collection which is finally allowing me to watch “Gossip Girl” (I’m some years late, I know). In addition to this, the Gemini’s sister came, bringing along the FFBR Mascot we mentioned here and here.

At one point, our Mascot began strumming on my guitar. When I told her I’d teach her sometime, she let me know, “I already know how to play.” Of course, Mascot.

Then she picked up one of my cameras– one that was broken– and said, “Let’s take pictures.” In an act of idiocy, I took the broken camera out of her hands put my Pentax digital SLR in her hands, adjusted the focus somewhat, and let her snap pictures (with the strap secured around her neck in case she dropped it).

What we have here is an excerpt of the pictures she took. She took a pretty amazing one of the Gemini’s mother, which featured a look of utter horror that her grandchild was holding such a camera, but for the sake of anonymity and dignity, I will not post that here.

There you go, guys. Not only is our Mascot adorable, she knows what she’s doing for the promotion of FFBR.

–The Libra


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2 Responses to The FFBR Mascot Becomes a Photographer

  1. atk511 says:

    And in an effort to preserve the dignity of the Libra, we will not mention the brain lapse that may have occurred when the Libra put a Pentax Digital SLR camera in the hands of a four year old.

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