Discussing the Situation’s Latest Situation

Yesterday, The Gemini and our Special Jersey Shore Correspondent got together to talk about Abercrombie’s latest (and dumbest) PR move.

TT: so how weak was that? i mean, really
TG: well first of all, does abercrombie even know who their clientele is, this isn’t Burberry/chavs.
TT: intolerable dbags?
TG: they did something so ridiculous that they knew people would talk about it. when was the last time you thought about A&F before this? personally for me it was the last time I listened to Summer Girls
TT: so that was like…what…2007ish?
TG: i believe it was when their lead singer died last year, RIP
TT: aw bummer. here’s what i want to see: what Sitch does. for me, you go one of three directions. 1) you probably have a case for defamation of character. 2) you take the money–and make them pay serious, eff you type money. 3) or three, you wear it everywhere and always say how much you love it to make it seem like you’re actually a spokesperson. i’m praying for three
TG: but he seems like the type to take the money. pauly would definitely see the humor and do #3, so maybe he’ll advise him to do the right thing
TT: if Sitch were REALLY smart, which is one hell of a conditional statement, he would get photographed out somewhere wearing A&F and then negotiate.
TG: i also like how they said at the end of the press release that they’d reached out to other members as well, but only mentioned sitch by name. further proof that no one cares about deena, sam & ron
TT: you can’t tell Snooki what to do. i think somewhere JWOWW is still trying to frown about this.
TT: also, remarkably ironic that A&F was selling “The Fitchuation” t-shirt last year
TG: of course they were. i also like the idea that him wearing their clothes is “distressing to many of their fans.” if i wasn’t distressed about a meat dress, i’m not going to give a shit about a cotton overpriced tshirt
TT: mmmm meat dress. i find meat dress less offensive. also more delicious.

TT: but in that statement, they were talking about how sitch is “contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand.” have you ever looked at any A&F piece of clothing and thought ‘aspirational’ because i usually think ‘wow, more phony vintage shit.”
TT: they’re also “urgently waiting a response”….mainly because nobody has been calling them and they’re bored.
TG: i can’t say that i have. also, while i recognize i am one of the few people on earth who still (sometimes) finds sitch attractive, let’s compare it to this

TG: i’m pretty sure more people would aspire to be sitch
TT: oh. my. fuck. what would make a man’s face look like that?
TG: the weight he carries on his shoulders from the guilt of making people wear those clothes
TT: probably also several plastic surgeries so his former underage lovers don’t recognize him in magazines.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our illuminating chat tomorrow.

Happy Jersday!
The Gemini


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2 Responses to Discussing the Situation’s Latest Situation

  1. RMJ says:

    The last time I thought about A&F was when I walked into a mall a few months ago and thought “Jesus, what IS that fucking smell? Oh right. Abercrombie and Fitch.”

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