The Gemini Loves @AndersonCooper

I love Twitter, duh. I especially love celebrities on Twitter. Sometimes they can reveal how boring they really are (sorry, Kim K! I’ll still watch your wedding special!), and sometimes (a la @Rihanna) they reveal personality that you never knew existed.

But my favorite celebrity on Twitter is, without a doubt, Anderson Cooper. He’s exactly what Twitter for celebrities should be—a mix of replies to random fans (BUT NOT ME YET, ALAS. ONE DAY.), backstage info from his shows, and genuine news. Plus, he’s a Gemini. With that in mind, here are some Anderson tweets within the past month that made me giggle like a teenager.

From One Gemini to Another,


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3 Responses to The Gemini Loves @AndersonCooper

  1. Tiffany says:

    Anderson is my favorite gay on TV (sorry, Ellen). And he is a freaking Vanderbilt, and saves Haitian babies in Prada shoes. What’s not to love?

  2. austine says:

    hahahahahahahahhaa, how did i miss this one. that video of anderson cooper is priceless.

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