FFBR HQ Plans for a Hurricane

For those of you who don’t know, the Libra and I live in New York City. For the past few days, we’ve been inundated with requests from our families to evacuate. Well, actually, just from the Libra’s family, I guess my parents don’t care about me! Just kidding, they’ve just spent enough time in NY to be rational and recognize we don’t live near the water and also that I would just go to my sister’s house if I felt like I was in danger. (UPDATE: since first writing this, I have since spoken with one parent who confirmed they were not worried about me.)

For your reference, below is the evacuation zone map for Brooklyn. I’ve circled our general location (no stalkers, please).

Below is our hurricane plan. We suggest you follow it as well.

• Stock up on the following items: cupcakes, Diet Dr. Pepper, vodka, asparagus, hummus, cheese. Yes, most of this is perishable, but you can’t help what you’re craving! And if you lose power and can’t eat any of it, at least you’ll lose weight.

• Add tons of movies to your Netflix queue. Cry if the power goes out and you can’t watch any of them (see next item).

• Make sure you have adequate amounts of NyQuil, should the power go out and you need to sleep until it comes back on.

• Find ways to entertain yourself for days at a time, just in case all the subway stations flood and push the rats to the streets and you find yourself physically unable to step outside due to your paralyzing fear of rodents. Not that I’m worried about this!

• Laugh at the graphic below because it basically describes our life:

Stay safe!
The Gemini


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