Terror at FFBR HQ

You guys. OMG.

As the Libra alluded to here, I was innocently watching football on Saturday when I was alerted to the fact that we might be sharing space with a rodent. I basically did this:

Remember when I said that I had a paralyzing fear of rodents? Somehow this always gets interpreted as an exaggeration. HAHA, NOPE. 48 hours after the Libra’s initial warning, a hanta virus-carrying creature decided to trot out to tell me hello. The following is a recreation of my reaction, except it lasted for two hours:

Ever since then, the Libra has been forced to turn into a killing and disinfecting machine while I hide in terror, thankful for the first and last time that my job/school keeps me out of the apartment at least 13 hours a day. As I type this, the Libra is in her bed feeling ill, while I’m in my bed unable to sleep for the third night in a row because I’m  convinced things are scratching in my wall. It’s been a great week for both of us, really.

Anyway, what we’re saying is, our future dog King Chandler van Der Woodsen of Zanzibar may become our future cat, Mice-T. Please update your registries accordingly. And also feel free to send donations of ice cream and alcohol to FFBR HQ, because as soon as this nightmare is over, we’re chowing down on both.

Thanks in advance,

The Gemini



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4 Responses to Terror at FFBR HQ

  1. atk says:

    Is it wrong that I am laughing so hard at this?

    • You have to laugh, I think. Like when the Gemini started laughing hard at me when I was screaming over exposed mouse guts that I had to clean up. “I’m not laughing at you,” she said. “I’m laughing at the situation.”

      –The Libra

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