Whoops, The Libra Was Wrong About Netflix

After the Netflix hike, I kind of defended Netflix. Because I don’t mind paying extra fees for a service I really like. Or because I’m just so used to paying too much for everything, including food and my education!

Clearly, I’ve been abused by the capital economy to the point of no return.

Except, even I have my limits. For those of you who don’t know, Netflix is splitting its company so that it can focus on streaming and have DVDs be managed under some ominously 1999-sounding company Qwikster (a Netflix company until, as the Gemini speculates, it gets bought out).

First of all, CEO Reed Hastings (also a Libra) sent the email out to everyone that went like this:

Dear [Libra],

I messed up. I owe you an explanation.

Um, no, you don’t owe me an explanation about your decision to jack your prices. I understand how capitalism works.

But did Reed Hastings offer us any delicious pie charts or graphs to indicate some sort of micro-economic theory?

Did he sit me down and go over exactly how “this economy” (you must say it in a resigned and defeated way– this! economy!) screwed over Netflix, too? No.


What Reed Hastings did is similar to what my old boss in grad school did: he deflected by throwing a shiny object into another direction while an explosion went off. Except the explosion was called Qwikster which sounds really, really, like something no one would subscribe to unless you were already subscribed to Grindr. Just saying.

For the record, one Wall Street Journal blog post pointed out that the name was already taken on twitter by some stoner who likes the idea of Elmo smoking pot. That sounds about like the right demographic.

And The Oatmeal’s take on it kind made me LOL, even though it was a bit scatalogical for my tastes (what? I’m a lady, okay?).

It’s time to find alternative ways of existing. Hey, maybe we could start patronizing local dvd stores again? Run by nerdy film majors? Oh my god, that’d be hilarious.

–The Libra


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4 Responses to Whoops, The Libra Was Wrong About Netflix

  1. Here’s my theory. Netflix realizes that getting DVDs in the mail is a dying breed. Like the dinosaur, for example. In order to protect their main brand (streaming movies and TV shows), they are separating the DVD feature, so that when it inevitably dies, it won’t affect the streaming side of the company.

    • Birds evolved from dinosaurs. So, I need to feel like Netflix is providing the groundwork for EVOLUTION (see how I extended your simile) to make it all worth it.

      But maybe you’re right! That’s the best case scenario, I think.
      –The Libra

  2. I’ve been following Netflix since I found out they were using a dubious formula to inflate their projected future earnings and from even back then it was obvious they were going to crumble. While the libra feels that a shitty economy resulted in Netflix going under, if you really think about it, a shitty economy could have been to Netflix’s advantage because even at $25/mo. Netflix was still a better deal than cable..
    What actually brought Netflix down was the enormous price hike Netflix instituted in an effort to meet its stock holders expectations for future earnings coupled with the famously RUDE email Netflix sent. I think most people would have accepted a price hike if whomever penned that email had taken some time to justify it. Dude could have said anything from we want to expand our offerings and negotiate better contracts…we want to move into streaming…the recession hit us..etc. Instead they said we respect your choice to take your business otherwise because they HAD the recession advantage. It was famously dumb and as someone who immediately canceled her subscription after such a rude email from Netflix I’m over on the couch cackling I told you so!

    • Ah, nice reply. I don’t necessarily believe Netflix’s going down because of the economy; I just believed that’s what he would say, but he didn’t!

      I’m probably canceling Netflix pretty soon, but I don’t know how I’m going to go about getting my fill of annoying French films to my door.

      –The Libra

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