The Future: in Front of a Live Studio Audience?

I watched the “2 Broke Girls” premiere in support of one of my favorite “internet personalities” Molls, who’s one of the staff writers for the show. I feel it’s important to point out when somebody, anybody, gets hired for being a funny and fun writer. It gives me hope that this fine country doesn’t actually want to destroy everyone’s morale, but I COULD BE SO WRONG.

Anyway, I’ve gotten so used to watching shows that aren’t recorded in front of a Live Studio Audience that I find it a bit unnerving when all these people are laughing, like in “2 Broke Girls”. It startled me, especially after spending days watching “Breaking Bad” in stony silence.

Then I started to think a little too intensely on the subject.

What if every time I said something funny– which is all the time, of course, because I’m a living, breathing human sitcom, duh– a whole crew of people punctuated my punch lines with laughter? What if every time I kissed an attractive man a bunch of people chimed in with “Woooohhhhh!” Except, of course, the lilting way people say “woooh” sounds more like a question mark at the end. “Wooohh? Really? You and him? Are you sure?” is the kind of live audience member I’d be.

So, my next question is, of course, how do we make this happen?

The Gemini and I are two very broke girls.

We aren’t waitresses, but we are interns, which is like being a waitress except you make less money, and you sit down instead of standing up. Actually, they’re nothing alike, except maybe in Hollywood. (Speaking of Hollywood: you can tell LA writers wrote the subway scenes in “2 Broke Girls,” because the MTA employee says, ‘Greenpoint up next!’ Excuse me, why haven’t MTA employees pointed out which neighborhoods we’re passing through like that? TV, you lie.) But think of the possibilities!

For all you television producers out there secretly reading this, the Gemini and I need a live studio audience. Like that time I got startled by my own shadow when searching for a mouse? So the Gemini saw me jump back a little? So she started screaming? Then I started screaming? And none of our neighbors came to our rescue?


We could have done with an audience then. Seriously. Sitcom gold.

–The Libra


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One Response to The Future: in Front of a Live Studio Audience?

  1. i grew up in zimbabwe and i never got into sit coms because i never understood the jokes the studio audience was laughing at. to this day I still can’t watch sit coms but in the event team gem-lib had one i think i could be enticed to cackle.

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