The Libra Investigates a Kollection, Part I.

A couple of days before learning of Kim’s Very Sad News, FFBR’s friend Virgolightly (nicknamed just now for her willingness to model clothes like Holly Golightly) decided we should investigate the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. I was like, “Hell, yeah! As long as I don’t have to wear or buy anything!”
In this two-part installment we will investigate the horror that is the Kardashian Kollection. Now, you know I love Khloe and actually adore Kourtney; up until Kim’s failure year, I didn’t mind her. I thought she was cute in the way that other people’s Yorkies are, until they pee on the rug. So, I actually walked into this whole thing fairly open-minded, you know, for a cynic.

But guys, the pictures don’t do this lollection (a typo, which I’m allowing for the sake of punning) justice. You have to feel the rough scruff of sticky, humid polyester-rayon blends or shirts as stiff as a salt-heavy sail in Maine to really understand our horror/delight.

The second installment will feature when Virgolightly bravely tried outfits on. Lots of nice shots of her laughing hysterically in a dimly lit dressing room in a sad part of Queens.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this: a middle-aged, petite lady comes up to us while we’re photographing, shaking her head, and says, “100 dollars for a dress? For this dress?” It was a purple number made of some stretchy material with vague stitching to indicate couture.

“This is the only piece of quality clothing,” the lady said, pointing to the one cotton tee shirt (featured in the picture series). “This? This is nice.”

“Yeah, it’s actually cotton,” Virgolightly said.

The Fabric of Our Lives.

–The Libra


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