The Gemini Relives Her Early Teenage Years

I loved boy bands in the late 90s/early 00s.  Duh.  I still listen to BSB and Nsync on the regular and get really excited when it becomes acceptable to play Christmas music again so people don’t look at me weird for listening to Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Sorry they can’t appreciate the joy of listening to it in July!

Anyway. I recently read the fantastic news that 2GE+HER is planning a reunion (omg RIP QT), which got me thinking about my favorite less-popular boy bands. Full disclosure: what also got me thinking about this was the fact that I spend at least one evening a month YouTubing all my favorite forgotten 90s hits.

So with that in mind, here are some of my favorites that (with some exceptions) didn’t really stand the test of time—hey, we can’t all be I Want It That Way. I encourage you to regress back to your 13-year-old self and sing along.

Soul Decision, Faded

I had no idea what the word “faded” meant when I was 14, but it didn’t stop me from singing along. Loudly. Also, my Canadian friend informs me that Ryan Gosling is BFFs with a Soul Decision member and they still see each other on a weekly basis. Fascinating.

98 Degrees—The Hardest Thing

98 Degrees was such the ugly stepchild of boy bands. I never liked Nick Lachey, a feeling that continues to this day.  They only sang slow songs (with one notable exception), and they thought putting Screech in a video was a good idea. But I did love this song. And I especially love this ONTD thread.

5iveWhen The Lights Go Out

My 8th grade best friend & I made up a trampoline dance routine to this song. Enough said.

BBMak – Back Here

If you’re in your mid-20s, put this song on the next time you’re in a car full of similarly-aged friends.  If they don’t immediately start singing along, get out of the car and make new friends.

O-Town – All or Nothing

Spring Break 2001 was a significant time in my life. That Friday at 3:45 I said to myself, “I’m not going to do anything requiring effort until next Monday.” And I certainly kept true to my word. I spent the next week trying to perfect my Mary-Kate Olsen hairstyle, downloading Britney’s Pepsi song, and watching MTV’s constant Making the Band marathons. It was the greatest week of my teens, and I feel the same way about this song as I do about Ni**as in Paris—if you don’t like it (even if it’s just ironically), we can’t be friends.


Until I’m Back Here Baby,

The Gemini



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5 Responses to The Gemini Relives Her Early Teenage Years

  1. Austine says:

    You’ll be happy to know I’m bringing Drive Me Crazy, 10 Things I Hate About You, and the Skulls, which is not nearly as cool as I remember it being, but Paul Walker is suuuper hott, so oh I can deal.

  2. Kristina says:

    i tots forgot about 5ive!! also, im real glad i dont find any of the guys in these videos attractive anymore. did Nick Lachey always look like a Ken doll?

  3. Canadian friend says:

    I approve of this list.

    I would also like to add Wave – California. They are a Canadian band. I’m pretty sure that says it all.

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