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Hello, readers. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve kinda disappeared. The Gemini has this weird thing in her graduate program called “finals.” In my graduate program the end of term usually meant someone had to revise a set of poems, which a few people found particularly stressful. It was also that time of year where I’d sit down and grade papers until my eyes glazed over. HILARIOUS.

Just kidding, it was TERRIBLE.

Anyway, my disappearance has been about an endless job hunt for me, which I’ve been documenting for all who hate me to drink in.

These are the things I’ve done since I last posted:

1.) I started a blog documenting my unemployment.

2.) I grew obsessed with “American Horror Story” starring Tami Taylor  Connie Britton as my new role model Mrs. Harmon:

I have virtually no complaints about this show. Completely flawless? No, but the flaws in the show open it up to important discourse on how our culture views women’s bodies.

3.) I watched, of my own accord, Swimfan. I got really excited when it came in the mail because I love Erika Christensen. And believe me, no one was more shocked than me when I found out that all the terrible things people said about this movie were true. I was almost embarrassed that I’d expected something more.

4.) I watched all of the sixth season of “How I Met Your Mother,” the only season I hadn’t kept up with in any way, shape or form. Ted Mosby is still a douche.

There’s a theme here, guys. I’m unemployed and watching too much stuff. The only one of them which is even remotely relevant to this blog is “American Horror Story,” except I don’t have the energy to tackle the issues going on in that show. And this is really not that kind of blog.

So, it’s feedback time. Is there anything you want me to cover during my free time? Send me on a mission. I may go! It’ll be like a Learning to Love You More assignment, except better because I would never call it art.

–The Libra


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