2012: The Year of Solange Style for the Libra

I do not want to make Solange more famous than she wants to be. This is an odd feeling for me. Like, I want Kanye to become increasingly more famous, to the point that even beings in other galaxies are waiting for Kanye’s majestic return to twitter (it’s happening, guys). But I don’t want that for Solange. I want Solange Knowles to wake up, live her life, and go DJ at Brooklyn Bowl. Forever.

Today while with my friend Canyeezy (a Cancer who worships Kanyesus) was getting her nails did for the new year we began to talk about style for 2012 and what it meant.

Canyeezy, who models herself a bit after Kanye and Beyonce, brought up my deep emotional feelings that get stirred up every time I see Solange in a turban: “What Beyonce is to me, I think Solange is to you.”


For me, 2012 is definitely going to be the year of Solange, and you know it’s true. This means I may finally wear exactly what I want to instead of what I think I should.

Pictures courtesy Solange’s blog:

Who will you style yourself after? I need someone to be Santigold. I also need a man to start dressing like Katharine Hepburn. Just throwing that out there.

–The Libra


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