About FFBR

Andy Warhol claimed that everyone becomes famous for at least fifteen minutes in a lifetime. We here at Famous For Bad Reasons claim that everyone should do it badly.

The GeminiThe Libra

On the left we have The Gemini in her natural habitat, feet propped on a coffee table, as a television (not pictured) radiates heat from the jalapeno-encrusted beard of Guy Fieri. On the right we have The Libra, artfully posing like the pretentious would-be hipster that she could-be, using her beloved iPhone Hipstamatic app to make you feel like she coulda shoulda woulda been a star. We hope you enjoy our meanderings in the world of pop culture, spiked with politics, friendship, and our respective vices.

Follow us on Twitter @FamousBad for the love we put out into the Universe, 140 characters or less.For more on the Libra’s obsession with healthy food, follow her new blog Scary Vegetary Dietary.


2 Responses to About FFBR

  1. joeanon says:

    Oh get of it you self righteous twit.
    This is not racism. I live in Japan this is
    reality. I just love dough headed morons like
    you seeking something to get indignant about.
    It doesn’t surprise me you don’t recognize humor
    your type never does.
    Please watch Blazing Saddles your teeny hummus filled
    brain will explode before the first scene is finished.
    Now find a nice man make him a sandwich and shut up.
    The Japanese love Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    especially the Mickey Rooney scenes.

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