FFBR Recommends

Kanye West
Elvis Perkins in Dearland
The Corin Tucker Band
Diamond Doves
Kristin Hersh
CASH Music— open source site for musicians; the showcase section features free music from musicians associated with this project.
All of these songs

We do not have the patience to watch so-called Films.

Asking us our favorite television shows is like asking us who our favorite children are. Of course we have favorites; we just can’t publicly broadcast those favorites, for fear of hurting the feelings of our ugly step-children.

Rachel Roy
Diane von Furstenberg
vintage Halston from the ’70s only (try ebay)
clothes from Target because that’s what the Gemini wears
Michael Kors –The Libra doesn’t leave the house without her MK sunglasses. Fact.
Love Mondo Trasho— the official Mondo Guerra website
Kanye West
all things Schiaparelli
Simple Shoes are the Libra’s hippie shoe of choice; she does not find Tom’s attractive, even if they’re for a good cause.


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