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FFBR HQ: Now With Cable!

After surviving a Rodent Invasion, we thought the best way to celebrate was by installing cable. Actually, I don’t know when I scheduled the cable installation. I don’t remember much of the last week, except removing dead mice and placing … Continue reading

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Why FFBR Can’t Deal with Will Schuester

Now that I’m a total “Glee” fanatic, the Gemini and I have frequent exchanges about the show, as I try to catch up, even resorting to Hulu Plus (free one week trial!) to watch as many missed episodes of season … Continue reading

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The Gemini Keeps Dancing Til The World Ends

Breaking news: The world is a pretty fucked up place. But Britney (singer) and Ke$ha (writer), have given us some sage advice: Seriously, the news sucks. Life can suck. My uncle likes to make fun of me for watching shows … Continue reading

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