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In Defense of Netflix (Sorta)

While you’d think the Gemini and I would be up in arms about the spike to the Netflix bill occurring in September, we’re not. It could be because the Gemini only uses Netflix for streaming. It could be because I … Continue reading

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Kanye West: Secret Fashion Activist?

It’s not uncommon to see models bouncing around major fashion epicenters wearing designer men’s wear. There’s a reason the “boyfriend blazer/cardigan/jeans” exists as a somewhat modified take on men’s clothing for women. It can be sexy, especially if you can … Continue reading

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The Roommate Registry

Western culture is wedding-centric. You’re more likely, as a woman especially, to be congratulated for being engaged and/or pregnant (shotgun wedding, even) than you are for your 4.0 in your graduate program. Marriage is something that is supposed to somehow … Continue reading

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The Pro-Gay, Pro-Muslim Libra on Victoria Jackson

I recently got addicted to “Glee.” Unlike the Gemini, I’ve only seen about five episodes. I feel thrilled and overwhelmed by the fact that even last Tuesday’s rerun was brand new and shiny to me. While the rest of you … Continue reading

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Plan Better for WINNING in Wisconsin

Today I talked to my friend Bridget, a grad student in Madison who’s on her way to rally and fight for union rights as I type this. We were trying to brainstorm different Charlie Sheenisms that would be effective for … Continue reading

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How to Use Kanye West Lyrics in Your Daily Activism

The world, as usual, is a mess. I don’t need to tell you that there’s a reason FFBR would rather watch endless episodes of “Friday Night Lights” rather than turn on the news, especially given how major cable news networks … Continue reading

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