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FFBR Recommends: Geordie Shore

Last month, I watched a lot of Jersey Shore with the Leo and the Other Libra. You might think this is a “waste of time” or “killing of brain cells” but it’s actually research. We’re all going to Seaside Heights … Continue reading

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Why We’re Not Mad About Mad Men

A fan recently requested that we write why it is we don’t like Mad Men (as mentioned here). We aim to please, so here you go. The Gemini I’m sure the Libra has more analytical reasons than myself, but for … Continue reading

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The Gemini on Badly Becoming Famous For Bad Reasons

Every reality TV show has a villain. There are those you love to hate. Those you hate because of their general delusion and creepiness. And those you hate because they genuinely seem to be a truly awful person in every … Continue reading

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Why the Libra Turned Off “Portlandia”

If it wasn’t okay for Mickey Rooney to portray a Japanese stereotype in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, why is it okay for Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen to do so in a “Harajuku Girls” skit for “Portlandia”? The skit, featured below, … Continue reading

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The Gemini on Fictional Characters Who Sadly Remain Fictional

In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day “holiday” we here at FFBR decided to do what we do best: objectify fictional male characters. With that said, here is my list of Five Male Television Characters Who Should Exist In Real … Continue reading

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